Trinidad Food is reviewed on this web page with a link to Trinidadian recipes.
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Trinidad Food

Trinidadian Food is tasty and unique such as Roti:

Trinidad and Tobago food is extremely popular but has a very limited internet presence we have added just two of the most popular Trinidad food sites on the web. However you can visit the Jamaican Food Glossary as many of the Jamaican food terms and Trinidad Food terms are similar.

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Trinidad food products are typically great. However many people confuse food with recipes. This should never be done. Trinidad food and cuisine include fruits, vegetables and meats that mainly are consumed all over the world. In the twin island republic many people consume mangoes, bananas, the passion fruit, local watermelons, tasty sapodillas, sweet guavas, the Tahitian apple, pineapples, sweet oranges, the traditional soursop and sweetsop, cashews and water coconuts.

Meats that are a part of Trinidad food include beef, fish, shark, chicken and other poultry. These are the stable meats that form a part of the cuisine.

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