A review of the Trinidad Cuisine, foods and recipes.

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Trinidad Cuisine

Trinidad Cuisine, recipes and food

There are numerous options to eat and you can find finest restaurants or family-run establishments. The rich cultural heritage of Trinidad reflects in its culinary styles. However it is a surprising fact that you never feel hungry in Trinidad. In the past many centuries, Africans were brought as slaves to the island and their robust stews become a food tradition in Trinidad. You can have rich, delicious and healthy soups, which are a part of Creole tradition (African style). Beef soup, cowheel soup and oxtail soup combined with fresh herbs and spices bring water in your mouth.

South Trinidad is considered as the home for East Indian food. Chicken, goat and duck meat are curried and are served with rotis. Roti is stovetop roasted flat bread and it is an East Indian staple. Chokas are yet another popular food. They are actually roasted and pounded vegetables. Although all vegetables can be prepared in this way, tomato and eggplant are much popular. If you want to taste Trinidad cuisine in an adventurous way, then street eateries are the best way. The street vendor serves lip-smacking unique foods in the island. Barbeque, home made ice cream, jerk meats, rotis, Creole corn soup and fruit punch are extremely delicious in these street eateries. These foods can make your Trinidad visit unforgettable in lifetime.

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