Understand the strong culture and traditions In Trinidad And Tobago.
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Culture And Traditions In Trinidad And Tobago

Learn about culture and traditions in Trinidad.

The culture of Trinidad and Tobago is really diverse and it has great influence of the culture of various immigrants including Indian, French, Amerindian, Chinese, African, Spanish and Portuguese. This twin island is though small in size, it has regional differences The nation is strongly associated with United Kingdom and the main language is English. The cultural expressions of Trinidad and Tobago are music, festival and art. The nation has rich history of music, which has strong influence of Africans. Steel band music is the most popular form of music. Soca is yet well known dance music, which is a combination of Trinidian Calypso and Indian rhythms. String music with a Spanish flair is greatly admired by the upper classes.

The annual celebration of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago has earned great reputation among tourists. The festival comes just before Ash Wednesday every year. The parades of masqueraders are amazing. The participants wearing bright colored dresses covered in feathers and sequins dance in the streets. Christmas, Diwali and Hosay are the other important festivals in Trinidad and Tobago. Since most of the people are Christians, Christmas is the main celebration. Parang is the traditional form of music played at this time. Black cake, fruitcake and pastille are the customary eats. Diwali is the festival of Hindus and Hosay is celebrated by Muslims.

Trinidad and Tobago is a home to many immigrants from East Indies. Therefore, the culture of the nation is distinctive. Indians form the major population followed by Africans. Roman catholic and Hindu is the main religions in this nation.

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