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Trinidad and Tobago Culture - Trinidad and Tobago culture is possibly one of the most diverse and unique cultures in the Caribbean. The Trinidad culture is heavily dominated by native Africans and native Indians. The Trinidad and Tobago culture is so diverse that it plays out into almost every aspect of Trinidad everyday life, in the Trinidad and Tobago political structure, in the Trinidad and Tobago economy...more

Trinidad and Tobago History - Trinidad and Tobago has enjoyed a rich history since being discovered in 1498. Trinidad and Tobago history's is deemed colorful because Trinidad and Tobago was colonized by Spanish, French and English settlers who finally after the abolition of slavery added several indentured laborers who greatly contributed to the Trinidad and Tobago history and led to Trinidad independence and the Trinidad and Tobago republic...more.

Trinidad and Tobago Government  - The Trinidad and Tobago government has been very active since they twin island republic gained independence in 1962 and subsequently Trinidad and Tobago became a republic in 1976. Trinidad and Tobago government has prospered and in 1990 led to an almost coup against the ruling party by Muslim forces. The Trinidad and Tobago government is very resolute...more

Trinidad and Tobago Political Structure - The Trinidad and Tobago political structure differs from every other Caribbean country because of the additions made to the Trinidad and Tobago constitution over the years. The Trinidad and Tobago people recognize two political parties and have not been able to open the Trinidad political arena to include a third Trinidad and Tobago political party...more

Trinidad and Tobago Economy - The Trinidad and Tobago economy is almost fully dependent on the production of oil. The wholly owned Trinidad and Tobago government company PetroTrin is the major producer of oil and oil based products in the Trinidad and Tobago economy. Trinidad and Tobago oil often called black gold keeps the Trinidad and Tobago economy buoyant...more

The Trinidad Flag:

The Trinidad and Tobago national flag has a long and illustrious history. The Trinidad and Tobago Flag was designed and unveiled on June the 28th in 1962 in Port Of Spain Trinidad. The Red Found in the Trinidad flag represents the courage of the Trinidadian people, their purity is represented by the white in the Trinidad flag and  the black in the Trinidad flag the force and true strength of the people. The Trinidad flag was on brilliant display during the 2006 World Cup where the Soca warriors the Trinidad and Tobago national football team qualified. The Trinidad flag has since then gained even more prominence and has been a driving force of nationalism. The Trinidad Store on our website will be launched in one week return and visit this Trinidad Store with over 1,000 authentic Jamaican Products.            MOUSE OVER TO LEARN THE PRICE.


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Get Trinidad and Trinidad And Tobago News:

Trinidad and Tobago is heavily represented on the internet through a host of Trinidad and Tobago websites that deliver news and information on the daily happenings within the twin republic of Trinidad and Tobago. In order to fully understand what happens in Trinidad and Tobago you must access one or all of these mass media internet products that deliver information on Trinidad and Tobago current affairs, Trinidad and Tobago daily happenings and Trinidad and Tobago entertainment and tourism.

Trinidad Express (Trinidad news) : The Trinidad express is one of the top sources for Trinidad news. The paper provides analytical information on every aspect of Trinidad and Tobago life and is a major part of the Trinidad and Tobago news network...more

Trinidad Guardian (Trinidad and Tobago newspaper) : The Trinidad Guardian is also another beacon of news in Trinidad and Tobago. The Trinidad and Tobago newspaper is possibly the most in demand of all news outlets in the twin island republic. It is often referred to as the top Trinidad and Tobago newspaper...more

Trinidad Center (Trinidad and Tobago news) - This website delivers not just Trinidad and Tobago news but a host of other information about world events and happenings and is an excellent source of Trinidad and Tobago news...more

Trinidad Newsday (Trinidad and Tobago news) - aptly dubbed the peoples newspaper the website on Trinidad and Tobago news has a firm following as it churns out Trinidad and Tobago every day news and happenings including its links to Trinidad classified ads with Trinidad business and Trinidad employment...more

Trinidad and Trinidad Recipes:

Trinidad recipes are one of the most in demand recipes in the Caribbean; Worldwide Realtors is the leader of providing Trinidad recipes and has over one hundred free Trinidad recipes in its Trinidad recipe collection. These recipes from Trinidad and Tobago are very diverse based on the fact that the recipes from the island are heavily influenced by Trinidad East Indian recipes. Unlike with Jamaican recipes, Trinidad recipes are heavily based on two cultures, Indian and African. These have made Trinidad Tobago recipes very special and have allowed them to take prominence in the Caribbean region and in high demand in most Trinidad and Tobago resorts.

Free Trinidad and Tobago Recipes are listed on Get Trinidad and with the most popular Trinidad recipes such as Trinidad Doubles Recipe, Trinidad Roti Recipe; Trinidad curried roti recipes, Trinidad banana recipes, Trinidad fruit recipes. Get Trinidad has explored recipes from Trinidad and Tobago and categorized these recipes based on Trinidad appetizer recipes, Trinidad breakfast recipes, Trinidad lunch and brunch recipes, Trinidad dinner recipes and Trinidad dessert recipes. What makes Trinidad recipes very special is the mixture of traditional African foods with traditional East Indian spices. One such brilliant Trinidad and Tobago recipe is such as curried okra recipes.

Recipes Trinidad is excellent for special occasions as well. Many Trinidad and Tobago recipes have become famed at weddings for taste curried mango and roti mixed with a swell of curried mutton. There are several Indian spices used such as ginger used to make ginger cake, cinnamon used to make Trinidad fritters recipe, Indian curry powder used to make a wide range of Trinidad curry recipes. Thyme, bay leaf, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, all spice and other great tasting Indian spices are blended with breadfruits, potatoes and other traditional Trinidad foods. One other very popular Trinidad recipes includes Trinidad pumpkin bread recipe. This uses great Indian spices such as ginger and allspice to make great tasting recipes.

However unlike other Caribbean recipes, Trinidad recipes are not big on blending the spices, usually there is one taste or flavor that stands out in the Trinidad recipe it self. This is evident in roti recipes that are usually made using curry flavors. Meat based Trinidad and Tobago recipes are much the same, these recipes include Trinidad stew beef, filled with bay leaves or Trinidad recipe seasonings that take the major seasonings and crush and blend then and season the meats with. These are great tasting recipes that are one flavor recipes. The most important aspect about Trinidad and Tobago recipes is that these recipes are not heavily salted or peppery. Many Caribbean recipes utilize a lot of peppers; Trinidad and Tobago recipes do not fit this profile.

Most Trinidad recipes utilize mainly spices, it is important to understand that spices are not peppery, spices create add taste to food and not heat. This is important as many Trinidad East Indian recipes are very spicy.

Trinidad And Tobago Maps and Trinidad and Tobago Flag

This section of Get Trinidad Flag is to provide browsers with popular paraphernalia of the Trinidad and Tobago Flag affectionately known as the Trinidad Flag and maps of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad flag is made up of the Trinidad colors of Red, Black and White. This link allows you to purchase the Trinidad and Tobago flag. Get Trinidad considers the Trinidad flags and other Trinidad cultural paraphernalia as sacred to the country and do not support the wanton defacing of the Trinidad Flag. That being said that as we sell the Trinidad flag without prejudice and assume that you will treat the Trinidad flag with as much reverence as we at Get Trinidad do.
Buy the Trinidad and Tobago Mapnew Jamaican Food Resource Center 
Buy the Trinidad and Tobago Flagnew Jamaican Food Resource Center 

Get Trinidad Maps also provides access to Trinidad maps. The Trinidad and Tobago maps that are provided on this website are designed mainly for travelers to the country but give a detailed landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. The Trinidad and Tobago map is superb for anyone doing research on the twin island republic and the Trinidad coast line geographical location. The Trinidad and Tobago map is also suitable for anyone doing map work.

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

Trinidad carnival is no longer and event or even an institution its close to Trinidad religion. Trinidad Carnival is based on reveling and dancing to Trinidad soca and Trinidad calypso music. Its is all about Trinidad carnival whining dancing and jumping. The major even t every year Trinidad carnival has a major effect on the Trinidad economy including more business for Trinidad and Tobago hotels and more information for the economy.
2007 Trinidad Carnival 2006 Trinidad Carnival

Trinidad And Tobago Food - Trinidad & Tobago Cuisine

Trinidad and Tobago cuisine is possibly the most underrated cuisine in the Caribbean, but is undoubtedly one of the most delicious. Trinidad recipes are a blend between African recipes and Indian based recipes the two Trinidad cultures that  dominate the Trinidad and Tobago population. Trinidad recipes are delicious to the core and this section delivers our to 12 Trinidad recipes. Trinidad recipes are very spicy based using a lot of curry spice. Trinidad food is also loved across the Caribbean.
Trinidad Recipe - Curry Rice Trinidad Recipe - Tuna Puna Drink
Trinidad Recipe - Curry Beef Trinidad Recipe - Roti
Trinidad Recipe - Curry PorkTrinidad Recipe - Curry Chicken
Trinidad Recipe - Stuffed breadfruit  Trinidad Recipe - Curry Soup
Trinidad Recipe - Calypso ChickenTrinidad Recipe - Fried Okra
Trinidad Recipe - Curry Shrimp Trinidad Recipe - Curry Plantains
Trinidad Recipe - Coconut RoastTrinidad Recipe - Trini Banana Fritts
Trinidad Recipe - Port Of Spain BfastTrinidad Recipe - Sweet Bread Nut
Trinidad Recipe - Reader Man BreadTrinidad Recipe - Trin Pumpkin Brea
Trinidad Recipe - T&T Floats Trinidad Pone Recipe

Lodging In Trinidad And Tobago

When thinking about travel, Trinidad is one of those popular locations and it is good to know the accommodation that is provided. Trinidad has an extensive variety of accommodation to suit all imaginable likes and resources. If you look at Trinidadís lodging you will realize that it has very few motels and hotels in comparison to other islands in the Caribbean.

The hotels and motel or even the resorts ranges from inexpensive budgets to the exclusive hotel accommodations. On your travel you are guaranteed to see a wide choice of inns and guesthouses also. An option for accommodation is the all-inclusive resorts and hotels (motels).

These packages are affordable in comparison to places that charges separate for other things such as food, gym, restaurants and bar, etc. Getting one bill will make also make it much easier for you to enjoy the holiday the way you ought to. Know where to stay will always let you enjoy your time and also knowing what is offered by the hotels in their packages so get all the features and perks you want to enjoy.

There are also rental properties available for accommodation. This is ideal for a large family or group when you travel as a pack. Since Trinidad is such a popular place for the family, they ensure to have accommodation to fit all your groupís needs. It allows for the family to see the amenities they are used to from home.

It is also an independent settlement and is way more spacious that any motel or resort, even hotels that are huge. Camping accommodations are also available to allow guests to the country to live in the beautiful and abundant nature that is present in Trinidad. If you want to enjoy the outdoors and camping that is the accommodation for you.

There are even camping facilities that are located close to the beach if that is what you prefer, somewhat like a beach house. There are camping sites to suit a variety of needs and will also have a guide that will carry you to the spots that are very beautiful to see and memorable.

Knowing where to stay in Trinidad can greatly affect the outcome of your travel but either way there is a lot of options and Trinidad offers a wide variety of adventure and sightseeing. Having a well-round accommodation will help you to maximize on budget saving you money and amplifying your fun.

A Look at the Variety of Recipes in Trinidad and Tobago

Like many other Caribbean island Trinidad and Tobago is known for the interesting recipes that is a part of their culture. When visiting Trinidad and Tobago one should ensure that they visit the various restaurants to get a taste of the meals.

The first is called Doubles. This came about by East Indian influences and is basically a sandwich that is created with flat breads that is fried, which is called Bara. It is also filled with chickpeas that have been curried. It is topped off with spicy chutneys but if you still want it to be spicy you are free to add pepper sauce to the end result. Doubles is a breakfast meal and as a result is available mostly in the morning hours from vendors on the street.

Roti is another meal that is made a lot in Trinidad and Tobago. There are also different recipes for this but the most popular is just using salt, water and wheat flour. In Trinidad and Tobago Roti is most made as a wrap, known as Dhalpuri, where the flour is stuffed with ground split peas. This is normally complimented with a curried meat, like mutton or chicken and or vegetables. There is also the Sada Roti that is also popular in this country. It is cooked on a tava which gives the roti a crisp bottom. This is easiest to make and is a popular breakfast meal when combined with sauces such as baigan choka or tomato choka, etc.

Richard is a Trinidadian which is responsible for inventing the meal Bake and Shark. As the name suggests it is basically a sandwich that is made by a deep fried shark and the buns fried also. This is a must have and can be easily acquired at Maracas Bay. There are a large amount of vendors that sell this gracefulness and a wide variety of topping is available to you to use to make the sandwich even tastier to you. If you want the best Bake and Shark just keep an eye out for the stall with the longest line, it will be worth the wait.

Make it your goal to get a bite of Trinidad and Tobagoís history when you visit. The rich culture and taste with not be easily forgotten. The recipes may not be easily acquired for some of the meal but if you can learn how to make some so you can carry that taste with you back to your own home.

Trinidad and Tobago Casinos

As some of us may now Trinidad and Tobago are separate islands in the southern region of the Caribbean, just off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. Trinidad being the larger island has about 96% of the islanders, none the less, Tobago is just as exciting. Both Trinidad and Tobago have excellent casinos for all the gambling lovers. You need not worry about not seeing a game at a particular casino. To fix that problem you just need to go to another one and you will find your favorite game.

The Island Club Casino, which is the largest and most exquisite casino, in Trinidad and Tobago, has 19 game tables and a whopping 150 slot machines. This casino can be found in Trinidad, at Churchill Roosevelt and Uriah Butler Highway in Valsayn. Blackjack, roulette, 3-card poker, Caribbean stud poker and Spanish 21 are the table games that Island Club Casino offers. Another casino to look at can be found on French Street and Ariapita Avenue in Trinidad, Port of Spain. It is called Ma Pau. This casino is not as big as the first but has 50 slot machines and just 3 table games. The games include baccarat, blackjack and poker. There are also private casinos and Kaiso Club Casino is one of them. It is located in Canaan on the smaller island, Tobago.

The Crown Point Beach Hotel is the place to stay if you want a convenient location which had many famous guests such as Princess Margaret, the Beatles, Sammy Davis Jr., even Queen Elizabeth II and many others, along with being close to many casinos, restaurant and white sandy beach. All your needs will be met throughout this property.

There are also new casinos that have recently appeared on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. These include Crystal Place, Club de Vegas, Club Casanova, etc. Before going out in the town, one should consider what to wear. This is because some of the casinos have dress codes that they abide by.

As a last note, if you are interested in lottery, you can participate in this also. Trinidad and Tobago has a state run lottery which is put on for those who enjoy this particular kind of gambling. The locations of agent along with keno monitors are offered online and it grants players a variety of lottery games to choose from.